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What Was So Crazy About It?

I said in my last postThis year ended with SO MUCH CRAZINESS. More than ever. And for the first time I can remember in my entire life, I have finger nails! The craziness must have knocked the nerves completely out of me." Here is some explanation.

E-mail to Kristin:

Okay, how am I and everything with PE? This fall has been full of one thing after another. I feel like plagues have been casted. First the nausea from being pregnant made me feel very slowed down...not that that's a plague but I just counted the days to get through it, and then the rain was a huge challenge. I had never seen anything like that. You might know we constructed and moved in April, but we have no running water, no fridge, no washing machine so it's just really hard. But before the rain started, I could at least park my car right by our house on most days. As you know, Viola passed away. When it did rain, the road was too slippery to get up, but most days I could make it up. But once the flooding started, a creek grew where I used to pass. There is no bridge, so I have to park the car far and walk with the kids, crossing the creek, they get muddy every day going to school and we have to carry them across the creek. Until we recently got the battery in the car in a theft free position, we had to enter the car battery and then put it back every night and morning so it didn't get stolen. So all of that has been a huge challenge. 
I'm attaching pictures of gigantic bugs we have killed in the night
next to my foot for measure. Not to mention the office where most of PE stuff is got completely flooded and we lost lots of stuff. The school was a bit of a mess and still is in one room we haven't even ventured to yet but so much wet soccer stuff and English camp stuff in there. :(

I've had a ring worm battle on my left hand since August. It's itching me as we speak. It's mostly gone but if I don't apply cinnamin oil to certain parts every day it always tries to grow back. 
And theeeennn we all got lice. I had never had lice before in my
life. This was another huge battle, especially without a washing machine. The boys shaved their heads and the girls treated... and today in Muñoz we were moving the school from one place to another and women wanted to do our hair... Maraya, Yenilove and I. I warned that we might have lice but they all didn't care and they all said they did not have lice so I think we may be done! But we'll probably treat it one more time still. But my head still is pretty

constantly itchy..probably from all of the bites as this went on for a few weeks.

So my first thought as to how I am is... ITCHY! Haha, I fell asleep super early tonight and now just woke up in the middle of the night and I'm so itchy. But PE is doing well. Jeres has really stepped up into his role I would say, helping out a lot and being authoritative where he needs to be, but not crazy. :) I mean a little crazy with the boys when needed. But controlled. Today we moved
See my car on the other side?
and he and Willy helped all day long. Chinaider is doing pretty well.. he just has issues where he can't live here with the boys as he has come of age and has a hard time respecting that they haven't yet, and he still comes and does things he shouldn't do to them sometimes. But he does a lot of work for the art shop.. he's always coming up with new designs and making his rent money with making products. He just does not like to have a boss and have a regular job. He got one installing windows and I was so happy for him.. they even gave him lunch every day in addition to some pay.. and he quit because he didn't like the way
From there we still have to walk past that house and up a hill to get home.
someone talked to him.

I feel like a lot has come into place with good directors in both schools finally and fairly consistent teacher pay, more experienced teachers, etc. I'm attaching an oficio about the PG school to the Ministry of Education if you are interested in reading. It mentions our 2008 visit to the Ministry in the capital. :) You can read the letterhead part first and then the attachment.
Rolling river by our house and group home during flood.

More 2016 craziness can be summarized by a December 24th Facebook post:

Last night I ran to get a few things and my brakes were not working right. I kept putting th ecar in neutral in order to be able to brake and went slow. Nonetheless, I ran into the back of someone at a stoplight. There was barely any damage, but the other driver demanded that I fix his car right then and there. I pleaded that we go to the police dept. that deals with traffic accidents and he degraded me and said many lies
All my seats look like this.

such as that they would arrest me for driving pregnant. Jeres came and tried to drive the car home, but the guy blocked it with his jeep so that he couldn't back out. We eventually left as it was raining, late, kids were out, etc. I didn't think he would do anything violent. He was wearing his La Sirena uniform and the car was parked in front of the Dominican Watchman office that is open all night. I didn't take out the battery because it is secure to the point that I don't have to take it out at night anymore. I went back at 6am and found that he had dismantled the battery securing thing and taken the battery. Then, as I mulled over the situation and tried to figure out what to do, I realized that he had slit all four tires. So I'm here at the police station. We'll see what happens. Merry Christmas everyone!

December 27th: So he gave back the gas tank, spare tire, battery, and gave me money for new tires, then they let him go. It all happened fast and when we went and put on the new tires, realized the seat belt he slashed, he slashed all of the seats, and took rear view and side view mirror. So we have to go back to the police...

December 28th: Court date on Monday.

February 7th: Did I never report that the court date went well.. he was an hour late but showed up.. and gave me the majority of the money quoted to finish fixing the car. 

What wasn't crazy? Did I mention when our electric line got stolen? That may have bridged into 2017. Oh well. Life is boring otherwise, right!? 

Thank you, Gloria!

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