lunes, 6 de febrero de 2017

End of 2016 Post

A little over a month later I am finally posting this: 
Ilayas at Adeline and Ose's wedding in December

It’s 3am, December 31, 2016. Tomorrow we will bring in the New Year, 2017! We’re at the volunteer house. Jeres is running the disco. Not sure if he’ll be done in an hour or three hours. It’s dangerous for him to go across town in the middle of the night with a lot of money, so we are staying here during these very busy nights. Ivenson is here too. Junior is staying in the batey tonight with his hair bleached blonde. Carlo is at his aunt’s. Jean Dona is at his family’s in Haiti during break. Sony and Willy are the only ones at the house tonight. Lorenzo has gone back to Haiti, hopefully to stay. So we have a spot or two we’ll be looking to fill in the New Year. 

I am not sleepy. I was just working on the 10 year anniversary slide show. How perfect is the song that will go with it.This year has been unbelievable. We finished paying for the Padre Granero building. We built on the group home land and moved in. We had sooo many volunteers. Kati was here making things so much better for the majority of the year. Jeres had legitimate work almost the whole year and he has started leading praise and prayer sessions with the kids on a regular basis. And at the very end, we moved into a new spot in Muñoz. I am so excited for this Christmas celebration to end so we can set up the art shop in the new location with the parking lot and start reaching out to excursion guides. There are already two who have asked me to seek them out when it’s ready. And also, I finished law school! 
New Muñoz school

I have been waiting for this move to move so many things around… one being the two tetherball poles we have had at my house for months. They have now gone to their rightful schools! The new location in Muñoz is surrounded by chain link fence so that’s perfect. 

Thank you, Lord. Thank you for this year. Tomorrow will also mark exactly one year of Wevli living with us. Five years for Junior (give or take a few weeks). Four years for Yenilove (give or take a few weeks). How blessed we are to have them in our family, in addition to those from our own flesh. How amazing God is to have gotten Junior through. He now seems to have a solid head on his shoulders. He now does not leave me in a constant fear that he will go down the wrong path. He has hated me at least half the time and I, him, but I think we have made it to the other side of a very big and scary storm. All praises to you, Lord. May his life bring glory to your name. 

This year ended with SO MUCH CRAZINESS. More than ever. And for the first time I can remember in my entire life, I have finger nails! The craziness must have knocked the nerves completely out of me. I only remember ever experiencing a few days with one long nail that I couldn’t help but to bite off in the end. But now I have two hands full of long nails… that really must be saying something. 

As I lay here typing I hear the rain falling. There is still so much rain but not as much as in October and November. My stomach is literally jolting as this baby boy jumps around inside. I´m finishing up with 24 weeks. I’ll tell about the craziness and start with an e-mail to Kristin where I summarized it all. But let me also say, I’m a Juris Doctor!!!!! I did it!!! What a crazy, crazy fool I was to have taken that on. Oh how I had no time to care for myself in any way. Oh how I lost sleep and cried over time spent away from my babies. But it’s over. I did it. And no one and nothing can take it away from me. Thank you, Lord, for getting me through. May all praises go to you. May it all be for your kingdom and glory.   
Happy New Year!

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