viernes, 17 de febrero de 2017

10 Years Gone By So Fast!

You may or may not have noticed a Peter Pan theme in this blog. I am quoting the family section of the blog: 

"Someone once referred to me as ´the real life Wendy´ because I flew away to a distant island and began caring for a group of ´lost boys´ who desperately needed a mother.. or a motherly big sister at the very least. Well, if I am the real life Wendy, then Jeres is the real life Peter Pan. And our story is one where Wendy did not return to live with her parents in the civilized world but instead she stayed in a land full of pirates and fairy like characters and truly partnered for the long run with Peter.. with the lost boys by their sides. It's a highly unlikely life that seems to bother some and intrigue others. But despite inexplicable challenges, I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else."

With that being said, one day Jeres played the perfect song and I automatically knew that it must be used for Project Esperanza's 10 year anniversary video. Here it is! I hope you enjoy! 

As we celebrate 10 years here in Puerto Plata, our biggest needs are as follows: 

  1. Get ALL of our students sponsored. The number now is around 225. We have 113 sponsored. We have issues with leaky roofs, sporadic water, lack of fans, chain link walls where solid walls are needed, lack of books and materials, lack of school secretaries and psychologists that hinder our ability to obtain our own accreditation… all of which could be addressed if we had ALL of our students sponsored! 
  2. Finish paying off the loan that helped us to finish purchasing the school in Padre Granero. ($64,860)
  3. Finish paying for the group home land that we have already built on, but still owe a bit of money. ($3,000)

We make monthly payments on 2 and 3 so anyone becoming a monthly sponsor helps out with those. In conclusion, you can help us meet these needs immediately in one of the following ways:

Shoe Shine Boys by Wendy Joseph

Thank you so much for your participation in one or more of these ways. It’s been an amazing 10 years. Here’s to 10 more! 

“Bondye pa janm komanse pou li pa fini.” Translation: “God doesn’t start anything that he doesn’t finish.”

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