sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2016

(Biological) Baby #3 Announcement

In a few days.. I'll be done with law school! Finishing up with my last few assignments. I always need some new interest to give me breaks and entertain me. Luckily, my friend Aimee recently told me about a new movie called LOVING about an interracial couple in Virginia that changed the laws concerning interracial marriages in the U.S. Being here in the D.R. I miss new movies and such. What an awesome case to read about during my final days of law school. Makes me proud to be a Virginian. Not because of the history of racism there, but because of the strong, fighting lovers in the state. 🙂
And speaking of interracial couples, this one is expecting (biological) baby #3 (a boy) in April! Here's a pic on hand that happens to show us, the growing belly, and me being very tired! Just a few more days until I'm a J.D.


This was a Facebook announcement. My mom commented that that was the worst photo of me she has ever seen and I said that I didn't really have any other ones with Jeres and I but here is a recent one a volunteer just sent me: 

And here is a picture of those puppies we took in who are growing up! 

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