martes, 16 de agosto de 2016

Passports and Disney

Immigration came to our neighborhood the other day and took some folks away. A neighbor came to tell us around 5:30am and I woke up the boys and suggested that thsoe who don't have proper paperwork go into the mountain, which they did. After they heard that Immigration had left, they came back. Two of our students' stepdad was taken and the brother and caregiver of another student was taken, as well as many neighbors. However, we know most, if not all, will be back soon, as it is not hard to get back. Many are already back as they paid off the guards on the way to Haiti.

This situation got us talking about countries, passports, etc. Ilayas inquired about his passport and what it meant. He mentioned that people without passports couldn't go to "Dees Neigh Chon Nell" or China or anywhere. I asked where "Dees Neigh Chon Nell" was and he said it's the place where they make movies like The Descendants! I then realized he was saying Disney Channel with a Spanish accent, what he really meant was Disney World, and I laughed my head off. 

Two weeks after turning seven, Ilayas lost a front tooth!

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