jueves, 18 de agosto de 2016

Wild Thing

When we picked up our friend and VT professor Reed Kennedy upon his arrival to visit us here in Puerto Plata, Maraya hid behind Yenilove in the car and glared at him with suspicion. I laughed and noted that within no time she would be hanging on him and buttering up to him. Of course the next day he was reporting curious and funny questions she was posing him. A few days later he had given her the name "Wild Thing". 

I thought it was a perfect fit. Maraya and Ilayas have such different personalities. Both are pretty wild. I was a little surprised when the Pace Academy group was here and the kids played in the pool with them to see Ilayas run up and do a back flip off the side of the pool. But he is so sweet, caring, and sensitive, whereas Maraya is quite aggressive! She is sweet and caring too when she wants to be, but she sure does like to dominate!

I've noticed this summer that she likes to hang on certain male teachers, employees, and members of the organization, and obligate them to do what she wants. For example, the day before yesterday she clung onto Gaddy our art shop manager ordering him to ride his bike with her. When it came time to get in the car and go, we had to force her as she tried to escape. Other times she hangs on Chinaider and obligates him to buy her a piece of gum. The male normally laughs and seems to enjoy the attention, which she takes full advantage of!

I realize this is not ideal behavior. She should ask nicely and say please, which we teach her to do. But when she can get away with it, she takes control! I have a hard time not laughing at some stuff she does when I maybe should be showing my disapproval because... it's pretty funny. I am, however, ready for the school year to start and her be back in class with peers rather than at Project Esperanza activities all the time apparently feeling like she can rule the world. :)

My real motivation for writing this post was because after Reed gave her the name, she embodied a wild thing to me the other day. I left the kids with Daddy as I did law school and then came home to pick them up and take them with me to run some errands. So they had already dressed themselves. She was in her princess
dress that her cousin Blake sent for her a few years ago, but it had now ripped. Being a bit overdressed for the occasion with somewhat wild hair and a ripped fancy dress just fit with the name "Wild Thing". But what made matters worse was that as she rolled around on the floor in public places as she often does and I always try to get her not to do, I noticed that her shorts she wore under the dress as underwear were completely ripped and showing her butt. 
So as we went to the bank and ran other errands, I kept reminding her to not let people see her shorts. Of course see seemed to take enjoyment in showing off her butt to people, crawling on the floor and such. She and Yenilove laughed at people's reactions as they noticed. 

Then while driving past a store I realized maybe where Maraya had gotten this idea from. Perhaps it was a new style as a mannequin outside of a store in town was showing off something very similar.  

This little Wild Thing will start kindergarten on Monday and will celebrate her 5th birthday in September. May the Lord protect her and use her life for his glory.  

martes, 16 de agosto de 2016

Passports and Disney

Immigration came to our neighborhood the other day and took some folks away. A neighbor came to tell us around 5:30am and I woke up the boys and suggested that thsoe who don't have proper paperwork go into the mountain, which they did. After they heard that Immigration had left, they came back. Two of our students' stepdad was taken and the brother and caregiver of another student was taken, as well as many neighbors. However, we know most, if not all, will be back soon, as it is not hard to get back. Many are already back as they paid off the guards on the way to Haiti.

This situation got us talking about countries, passports, etc. Ilayas inquired about his passport and what it meant. He mentioned that people without passports couldn't go to "Dees Neigh Chon Nell" or China or anywhere. I asked where "Dees Neigh Chon Nell" was and he said it's the place where they make movies like The Descendants! I then realized he was saying Disney Channel with a Spanish accent, what he really meant was Disney World, and I laughed my head off. 

Two weeks after turning seven, Ilayas lost a front tooth!