martes, 5 de julio de 2016

Our Sweet ADHD Teen

If you read my last update, you probably think we here are a bit crazy. You may think that even more when I tell you that since those events, things got even crazier. I won’t bore you with the full, long stories, but will just share that someone had their locker broken into and lots of hard earned money stolen that resulted in the purchase of gasoline, the plan to burn down the new wooden house we built, rocks thrown at the house resulting in holes which the perpetrator quickly patched feeling regret for his moments of rage, and then a few days later, the same bottle of gasoline that was taken away from said perpetrator was poured onto the head of one young man who continues to destroy and harm other people’s belongings with no real signs of remorse or responsibility. Matches were on hand and he was held down in threat of having the vice scared out of him. We’ll see if it worked. This punishment was not approved by me ahead of time, but was another moment of rage. I share this with you in an attempt to be transparent and make light of the hell that is trying to raise a group of unrelated teenage boys together. 

I won’t mention this young man’s name, but I have to share with you about someone who has been with us here for almost five years now, since he was 12 years old. He just turned 17. I am not referring to Junior. Junior is doing okay and probably going onto 10th grade next year, praise the Lord. 

We love this young man to death, but he is most surely a case of ADHD. He has an older brother in the area and a sister in the capital who comes and visits occasionally. He can thoroughly clean a three bedroom house in an hour’s time, but you might lose a few belongings in the process. He is sweet and personable. We love him, but we can’t have him here with us anymore. I have shed tears over it, but I have finally come to that conclusion. It is time for him to learn reality, and time for others to have some protection from his shenanigans and uncontrollable behavior.

I won’t go into any more details but I will just say that he is too big for us to correct and we can only try to improve things for future difficult cases. We have a small difficult case on our hands, but this one is big and strong and out of our league.  We sent him to his brother’s for a month on Saturday. During vacation, he always creates more problems. It is pretty much a given that during vacation from school, this young man will cause problems. It seems to go hand in hand with his ADHD, not having enough to do although we found a mentorship for him that he didn’t stick with. 

But he often calls me mom, tells volunteers that I’m his mom, and I love him like a son. When we have to send him away to his brother’s for a bit, the kids ask about him and miss him. After sending him away this last time, I cried, knowing that we most likely can’t have him back here again. But we cannot abandon a 17 year old like that either, I don’t think. We fear that he will end up in prison if he does not have the structure he needs. Therefore, I plan to go to the Minor’s Court to see about sending him to a special school in La Vega for his last year of living as a minor. He would then turn 18 after having finished there, and I will have felt as though I have done all that I can. If he rents a place nearby, I’ll always be near and the organization will always be near to counsel him and be his family, but I do not think he should return to live in the home. This is all I know to do.  

I’ll update after I talk to the Minor’s Court. Please pray for our sweet ADHD boy. May God save him from himself and use this extra energy for God’s glory. May he channel it and contain it and protect it. 

"And we know that in all things, God works forthe good of those who love him." - Romans 8:28

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