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NEVER a Dull Moment

I wrote this last night but wasn't able to post it until now: 

I am tired and have not written in so long but I feel like I must share this tonight. I haven’t written because third year of law school kicked my butt. I got waaay behind and then played catch up during the last few months. My exams were in December. I had one deadline that surprised me and caused me to get a D in a course. This caused me to only earn half of the course’s credits, and that would have caused me to have to repeat the year, had I not been able to talk the school into allowing me to do an Independent Study, which consisted of a 30 page research paper although mine was much longer. I focused on the National Plan of Regularization for Foreigners in the Dominican Republic and it was super enjoyable!

So that meant I had no break. I did that during my break. Then I started right away with the 4th year. I made another crazy life choice right at this time that added much more onto my plate but I’m not going to share that yet. But that is why I haven’t written. It is definitely not because nothing exciting has been going on. Just a week or two before my finals, a crazy neighbor busted my front windshield, back windshield, and passenger window with a machete. He did somebody damage as well. Why? Because he, a 30 year old man, had stored some scooter parts at Biby’s house. Biby is 22. He has his own house. Why did he store them at Biby’s house? We don’t know. About a month later they say he said they had disappeared. He went to two different voodoo priests and the person they both described as having committed the crime was just like Chinaider. Chinaider had been itching to visit his home town in Haiti. The day that he left, this man came to me and explained to me that Chinaider had stolen a scooter part and then gone to Haiti. 

I told him that I didn’t know if that was true or not. But regardless, he is an adult now and is liable for his own actions. He told me that if I didn’t pay him for the part, he would bust my car windows. I told him I would have him arrested. He went that afternoon and did it. I, of course, wanted to arrest him, but was talked out of it because people told me about the violence of this man who is into drugs and I too did not have full faith in the protection of the police. He came and apologized and said he would pay for it, but has just given small pieces. 

Something crazy happened with Jean Donald who is mentioned in that second update. There is a boy in our neighborhood who goes on the bus to school every day. His name is Kendy, but his nickname is Ti Towo which means “Little Bull”. The director in Munoz has complained about him all year and he has been suspended from school three times for one week each time for the same thing every time – fighting. They say he has even kicked teachers. On the bus I have heard many complaints about him as well. 

One day as they got off the bus, Kendy hit a girl and ran off the bus in a playful way, they say. In running away, he ran into Jean Donald. Jean Donald pushed him in response and a fight broke out. They say that Kendy was getting in a lot of punches but then Jean Donald bit his ear. He actually bit off a chunk. I was in the house and they came and told me and brought Kendy to us. Jeres ran with him to the hospital. When he dropped him off, he told him to ask his mom to come by the house later on so we could talk. She never came.

The next day, I asked Ezayi who is working at the home to go with him to Kendy’s house to apologize. When they arrived, neighbor men said, “Oh. Isn’t that the boy who bit Ti Towo’s ear?” Ezayi started prepping them and letting them know that they had come to apologize. One man sort of warned Jean Donald that he could not enter there and he started inching away and then ran. Men ran after him with knives and rocks, apparently, all the way back to the house which is a long distance. We then started getting messages that they would cut him if we didn’t pay them 10,000 pesos, which I later heard went up to 20,000 pesos. 

Jean Donald spent several days without leaving the house except to go to school. One man that was in this group visited the house several times looking suspicious but nothing had happened. I spoke to his mom and we shared some verses and opinions but she basically said that she is a Christian and doesn’t seek revenge. She had also shared previously that she didn’t know what to do with Kendy as the punishments she gave him for fighting didn’t seem to work. 

WELL, I pulled up around 3pm this afternoon after going to the bank. It had been more than a week since the original fight. Maraya and Ilayas were with me. After parking the car, boys came and told me that a man had just entered the house to attack Jean Donald. Ezayi grabbed the man and told him to leave Jean Donald alone. The man pulled out a knife on Ezayi and held it back like he would stab him. Ezayi backed way up and the man left. 

I said, “We need to go to the police”. I got the same responses of no faith in the police. Others said, we need to go over there and talk to these men and by talk that meant… give them a piece of our minds.  I hopped in the car and when I saw it was all teenage boys hopping in with me and no adults, I decided against that. Then Carlo said, “Here comes the man who said you have to pay for them to not cut Jean Donald.” I asked where. He pointed him out. He was coming down the road. 

I asked Ezayi and Willy to stop him with me and we cornered him. He went on about how talking to the mom wouldn’t do anything as she did not send the man. I eventually got into it that he had requested money which he denied. He then started ranting about how I didn’t even go and talk to the mom. I got really angry as he is not Kendy’s family and did not know what he was talking about but yet continued talking. I called Carlo over and asked who was the man who said we needed to pay 10,000 or 20,000 pesos to keep them from cutting Jean Donald? He pointed to the man.

I got angry, made it very clear that he wouldn’t be receiving any money out of the situation, and made it clear that I knew he had sent the man with the knife. When he continued to spew out lies about things he was ignorant about and refused to listen, I ended up putting my bag down and basically asking him to fight, haha. Jeres eventually jumped in and said, “I thought I told you to send Jean Donald to Haiti!” Jeres and I fought/argued a bit and people pulled the man away and calmed us down. I went on about how was I going to calm down when men were entering into the house to stab kids!? Other neighbors came and everyone heard what was going on. Many neighbors were angered and promised to help protect the house and put a stop to this. 

Not long after, the man who had come with the knife came walking. I just stayed in the pathway toward the house where Jean Donald was hiding but 8 men or so surrounded him and tried to aggressively talk sense into him. He eventually went on his way but Jeres later told me that he had said that other men had sent him. It was the same man who had been suspiciously approaching the house since the event occurred. 

After all of this I had to hurry to do some stuff. When I came home, Jean Donald was hiding out in our house. That’s all for now. I hope this is legible as I’m falling asleep and not going to read it over right now. But just know that this is but a small fraction of all of the drama that has been going on. We have a plot of land for the group home. I think it’s time that we build on it and put up a wall around it.

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