sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

Funny Stuff

Today some volunteers planned to come to the school to help paint. We expected them at 4 so I got there at 3 with some helpers. Jameson, Sony, and Jempsley came with me, and then Makenson saw we were working and came to join us as well. Oh, and Ilayas came too. The volunteers ended up not making it, but we got a lot done and then went and got pizza at a food court at a Sunix gas station. They didn't make too much of a mess except for Jempsley. He got desks and floors pretty dirty and I got on him about painting the corner blue of an intersection of a blue and white wall.. putting blue on a white wall, and then he did it again on a second well. So we still have some touch ups to do now but the school is pretty much ready for the new school year! Read here about all of the rennovation work we have done this year, as well as fundraising throughout the course of the past year. 

The funny stuff mainly happened when we went out for pizza afterwards. It was karaoke night and the only available table was right by the mic. They were a little sheepish to go in as it was all Dominicans but we made our way to the table and sat down. Karaoke was to start any time but in the meantime, Dominican music was blasting. Either merengue or bachata, I honestly don't know which is which, which I know is sad. Every other table was full of adults mainly dressed up and drinking beer. I sat down with a group of teenagers and kids covered in paint and we ordered water and pizza. A few minutes after we sat down, people realized it was time to dance. They started getting out of their chairs and pairing off to dance in the skinny walkway between the plastic tables. They know their stuff. Step, twist, step, twist. Move their hips back and forth while taking their baby steps to the music, etc. 

One man probably in his sixties had jean shorts on, a red t-shirt, and a straw hat. He got up to go through the aisle alone (everyone else had a partner) and flat out got down. Jempsley pointed him out and we giggled, although we couldn't hear each other over the super loud music. One song ended, they stopped the music for a second to announce which cars needed to be moved as they were blocking others in, and then started it back up. Our pizza came pretty quickly since we were the only ones ordering food. We each ate our first piece, then our second. There was an extra second piece. I inquired and learned that Jempsley didn't want a second. Strange, I thought.  

As we finished, I squeezed past the dancing people and went to pay at the counter. There were three employees behind the counter. They wore white polo shirts with the name of the business on it. One shook from side to side to the beat of the music as she gave me the bill, took the money, and gave me change. The other two were male and female and they danced just like the couples in the walkways did but from behind the counter, holding each other close, moving their hips, and smiling at me as I paid the check. I found the whole scene to be so funny and adorable. 

We got a take home box to bring the last two pieces to Maraya and Yenilove and went out to the car. The boys got to the car before Ilayas and I. We arrived to find them cracking up. I thought they must've been letting lose about the older guy who was enjoying himself so much. But for the whole car ride home, they continued to laugh about another subject. When they got to the car, Jempsley had said, "Ti fil yo te kenbe nan goj mwen", which means, "The little strings got stuck in my throat". He was talking about the cheese. This is why he had only eaten one piece. After having heard the line repeated about 20 times, I asked him if he had eaten pizza before today. The others howled with laughter. He replied that he had not. They talked about saving up their money to come eat another pizza together. 

Jempsley, Sony, Ilayas, Jameson, Makenson - star painters!