sábado, 13 de junio de 2015

Dominican Parenting 101

If you want to keep your 15 year old son from becoming a delinquent, don’t let him lie in bed late into the morning. Get him up early every morning, even if he doesn’t have school. If he doesn’t want to get up, take a large metal spoon used to stir rice and scrape the konkon off of the bottom of the pot. Tap the round bottom firmly on the sleeping boy’s ankles, shins, and knees. This should awake him. If he returns to sleep, repeat. Or, fill up the watering can and go outside the house by the window next to his bed. Open the window and water in the window, sprinkling the sleeping boy on the bed. This, in addition to the spoon, should do the trick and get him out of bed for the morning.

Junior is turning 16 tomorrow. He passed his 8th grade year, as far as the in school portion is concerned. They say he didn’t seem to try and put his head down on the desk a lot. He got 70s and 80s. After 8th grade they have a national exam here. If you don’t pass, you don’t go onto high school. He has been reluctantly going to a clinic for this since March. It starts on Tuesday and ends on Friday. The biggest success of this school year for him as compared to last year is his 92.5% attendance. And at the school he goes to, they send him home if he is 5 minutes late, if he isn’t wearing socks, and little things like that. It is good for him, like military school, as he needs a strong hand, but frustrating a little as well. But the point is, last year we had to really struggle with him to get him to go to school, and this year, he only missed a few days, and they were almost all days where he went to school but was sent home due to one of these regulations. I call that a success!

However, we have one problem. He has started wanting to wander around a lot more to visit other communities and has been breaking the 10 P.M. curfew. This is largely why I started with the spoon tapping and watering can watering. We have tried several different punishments and he still keeps it up. Well, he had almost stopped and then last week someone led him out and so I got very angry at that person.  This July, I hope to send him, Yenilove, and two other boys to a week-long camp at a cacao plantation we visited. I’m hoping they make it through the week without me getting a phone call that one or all of them are insupportable!
Jameson and Junior with cacao facials at the farm.

Yenilove is doing great. She, Ilayas, and Maraya are three loving, playing, competing siblings. Elisenia has a free surgery and then free prosthetic waiting for her at CURE International in Santo Domingo if we can ever get her to stop coughing long enough for their anesthesiologist to agree to administer the anesthesia. We have made two trips so far and been sent back both times. We are trying a new med and are preparing for the third trip.

I have been spending a lot of time in the regularization office, as well organizing trips to PIDIH in Santo Domingo. Deportations are supposed to start Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Please keep us in your prayers. We are all a bit in the dark as to how these times will be for everyone, but I have led everyone I can to get registered and get their paperwork in order.

Thank you and God bless. 

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