domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2014

Ilayas and Laura Vitale

When Ilayas was about 2 years old, he always wanted to watch Betty Crocker Kitchen videos and Laura Vitale videos. Laura Vitale is a woman in New Jersey who makes fun videos about every dish. We recently started watching her again to learn how to make cookies this Christmas. Last night Ilayas insisted that we make cookies but it got too late. First I should note that we don't have an oven so any baking takes place in the dutch oven, so they don't really look like cookies, but we try. To appease him, I said, why don't we watch Laura Vitale cookie videos and figure out which one we want to make tomorrow. Here he is watching the video and drawing the ingredients. He told me this was so I knew what to do when we make them. I found that too funny and had to take a picture. He started the video to let it progress, then stopped it to draw the mixer, stopped it again to draw the cookie sheet. Love this little guy. 

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