lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

A Newbie!

So I don't remember when something has been this confirmed by God before. A house opened up next to ours, the boys begged for us to rent it for them. Within the same week or two, a man moved in a few doors down and happens to have more experience and education in this area than anyone else I've ever met around these parts. I posted about it, shared the post on FB, and got a very large monthly commitment. Immediately. That never happens. I posted again to share the success and tell about the remainder. That request got met immediately as well! Actually, it was met with a little excess.

Okay, those were good confirmations of the next steps to take - rent the house and hire the man whose name is Pastor Eustach. The house is rented, they are moved in, and Pastor Eustach is waiting until Dec. 11th when my final exam is done to talk about his position and get started. I told the boys in the meeting on Saturday that with the size of this house, we have room for two housemates. I also said that I was thinking of how to arrange Pastor Eustach's schedule, since I think for him to have a full schedule, it makes sense to have a few more kids in there. I had received the keys from the landlady just about an hour before our weekly Saturday meetings. Right after the meeting, they began moving in. 

Enelbi and Sony moving in.
That very same night, a friend was visited by a boy on the streets she has helped for at least a year. She does not want him to live where he is living, but he has been reluctant to make the change for various reasons. (Feel like maybe I should keep this anonymous at this point.) They had a bit of a hold out going on about the issue. Anyway, that same evening, he went to her and broke down about some things and... well anyways, I don't know if he will come live here or not, but it was another sign to me of, "Glad we have a little more space just in case!" I read her Facebook message with the news the following morning and it just was another confirmation.

Today is Monday. Just two days after we got the keys. And wouldn't you know. Jeres came walking home with a boy who he said needed to talk to me. The boy's mom was sending him to his aunt's in Santo Domingo. He is from an area outside of Cap Haitian. She paid a moto concho to take him from Ouanaminthe, Haiti to Santo Domingo. That is a VERY LONG motorcycle ride! He said that somewhere close to here, the moto concho pulled a gun on him and ditched him. His mom doesn't have a phone. He doesn't have a number to reach her. Or his aunt. This is his first time in the country. The moto concho knew where his aunt lives and was supposed to take him here. It sounds like he is a passer, who takes people and items back and forth from Haiti on a weekly basis for a living. 

Through pleading his case to other Haitians around, he found a man who has let him stay with him these past few days in Los Dominguez, our neighborhood. But the man wants him to smoke and he doesn't want to smoke. The man also wants to take his little suitcase with his belongings. I said, okay, okay, you can stay. But I need to find help ASAP for your food, or else others will complain of smaller portions because you are here, (I didn't say that last part but thought it), and for your transportation money to go to school because you can't be hanging out without doing anything! He said no, no, I like to work. I'll do whatever you ask me to do.

I said, "Why was your mom sending you to Santo Domingo?"

"My aunt lives there." 

"But if you were going to school in Haiti, why was she sending you to your aunt?" (I pretty much already knew the answer.)

"She doesn't have money to send me to school anymore." He told me he made it to 4th grade and is 16 years old, although he is tiny and looks younger. I asked about his dad and he said his dad had died. He has older siblings but he is the youngest. 

I told him I'll take his picture tomorrow in the daylight because my camera doesn't have very good flash. (done)

Those that are under 18 get 90 pesos a day for food, each, which they get together on Sunday mornings and collectively buy food rations to last the week. I feel like it should be upped to 105 so they can have a little something in the morning. Enelbi at least can't seem to manage without it. Anyway, let's say 90, so 2,790 pesos a month, which is $63.41 US per month for food. Then his school transportation will be 60 pesos a day, about 20 days a month. 1,200 pesos, which is $27.27 a month. $90.68 a month to cover his meals and transportation to school. Of course his sandals will break and he'll want deodorant and to wash his clothes on Saturdays and such. But food and going to school are the most, most essentials. Actually, with the excess commitment from the last requests, we can put the number at $80 US.

Why doesn't he get a job to buy those other things he will need? Well, at this point, he doesn't speak a lick of Spanish, even if there was work for him, which maybe there is. We have had a few kids find jobs that actually pay. The Nintendo business went well enough while it lasted but that is another blog post. When I am done with exams I plan on leading some serious gardening efforts on the plot of land we have.

Oh, I forgot to tell you his name! And I almost forgot to ask him as well. He said "Junior". 

I said, "We already have a Junior so you'll have to be called something else." 

He smiled and said, "Jemps". Sometimes this pronunciation is spelled James. But they say Jemps. I said, I'll take your picture and show others to say, "Look who God brought to us." He smiled and went to get his suitcase.

Alright, I need to get to sleep because I have Real Property and Criminal Procedure exams tomorrow! Please consider helping us to help Jemps! I'll post his picture tomorrow.. or it might actual not be until Friday because my last exams end 8:30pm on Thursday.(done)

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