lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

Great News!

I honestly did not think that the last blog post would get the response that it did. I don't know if the donor wants me to reveal her identity, but I will just say that she visited our programs last spring on a ChiroMission trip, and Louran, one of the boys now in the home, befriended her and explained his situation to her. She really wanted to help him, so after she read this post, she jumped on board and committed to $200 a month!! (Okay, after the Pay Pal fee it is $193.30). When I wrote the post, I thought, we'll just try to get the rent covered and then try to raise money for the employee afterwards. Well it was $57 for the house, a minimum of $182 for the employee, so a combined $239. We now only have $46 left to go to be able to put this plan into action! What an encouragement and a reinforcement that this is a good idea! 

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