miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014

An E-Mail to My Mom

The subject of this e-mail was "last Ilayas update until after exam :)". I have to go to CA in late June to take the First Year Law School Bar Exam, so it's study hard time! But there's no time to study hard because I'm doing the second year material at the same time, which I am of course already behind on. Anyway, here is the e-mail. I am trying to do more of the short and sweet posts because there are so many updates to share but I seem to have the habit of waiting until I have a book to write, which lots of people, I know, don't have the attention span to read. And FYI, Ilayas is 4 and Yenilove is 7. 

Hi Mom, 

I need to really take this exam seriously now so one last Ilayas update until after the exam is over. :)

He just came in and said, I wish Yenilove wasn't here because she's stronger than me.

I told him that it's good when we have people stronger than us because it makes us stronger and makes us grow. I talked a little more and then he said, actually, I don't think she's stronger than me. I told him one day he would be bigger and stronger than her because boys get bigger and stronger than girls. Haha. 

Oh, I have to show you this one in person. But he asked me in front of her if Yenilove's parents died from a monster. And when he said monster he put his hands out like claws and growled, LOL. She looked a little annoyed but kind of amused because I couldn't help but to laugh. I said no they were sick and then God gave her to us. He said, "Okay," and she smiled. 

Love you, Caitlin

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