viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

So Tired...Trying to Write More


I have been trying to write an update about a search we went on the other day and continue to go on for a boy named Jakenson whose family lives by us, siblings play at our house and are dying to go to English camp this summer, and who continuously runs away to Sosua (the next town over, very touristy), mainly to beg with a group of boys. His mom has gone after him and brought him back on several occasions and always punished him to attempt to have him stay at home but he always runs away again. Their family is very poor. With the younger boys we have here now and the support we'll be able to give him, I think we would be able to get him to stick around if we can just get him here. 

I also have been wanting to write Ebo's story of how he ended up with him, his family situation, and what it has been like having him here. 

Lastly, I wanted to write about going to church and a new little church that moved in on our street. 

However, Jireste's aunt Mari went back to Santiago two days ago so now we are left here to care for all of these kids by ourselves. (4 kids under 2.5 years old, two of them are ours, two are fostered, plus two 12 year olds who don't sleep here but spend the day here...not to mention 50 neighbor kids who try to come in to play every day but we at least make them stay outside and don't have to feed them :).) And I'm even more exhausted than before! I want to bring in other people to help who will take shifts throughout the day and I want to rent a separate room so that we can have a little privacy in our little house, but funds are TOOO LOOOWWW!!! We have not received any larger donations in February to help with paying teachers so I have that burden on my shoulders as well. Oh Lord, please open the doors! 

The Virginia Tech student organization (VT PESO) is coming early Sunday morning. I am definitely looking forward to it, but am worried about funding!! Leading volunteers to do activities in schools where teachers are frustrated and have not been paid and try to pin you aside and complain to you about something you can't do anything about while you are supposed to be translating for the volunteers is... well...not easy! I am going to tell the teachers that if things don't get better, we'll have to prepare to consolidate the two schools into one beginning next fall. The area that needs a large school like that most is Padre Granero, so this would mean taking the school out of Muñoz and leaving all of those students behind. They could probably be taken into another nearby school that started up unnecessarily, ignored my pleas to do so in another one of the dozens of communities that have no school rather than to come to an area where people are already being served and create division and competition (ridiculous!) but they of course wanted to piggy back and didn't listen. I will be so sad if we do have to do this and we'll have to cut three or four teachers, but I can't let things go on like this. It would also be a shame because we have 20 students in Muñoz sponsored. To ask their sponsors to renew the sponsorship of the same student the following year would be successful I think but to let them know that the school that was educating their students has been moved and consolidated with another and they'll have to take on a new student to sponsor... well... I would be disappointed to ask them to change students and I think we would lose sponsors that way. But I am so sick of owing people... of having people complaining all the time. When one makes endless efforts to support an effort, it is frustrating when others involved cannot be grateful but can only complain. But it's due to the fact that there is too much going on for the limited funds. This didn't used to be the case, but became the case in 2009. So if things don't do a large turn around before August, we'll have to consolidate. And actually, that's a decision that will have to be made much earlier than August in order to plan. Bllaahhh!!! Oh Lord, I wouldn't want that to happen!!! :(..........................

And here are some videos: 


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