sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

Some E-mail Excerpts

Here's part of an e-mail I wrote to Crystal the other day:

Jireste's aunt is awesome. I really respect her. She's been making awesome food and cleaning and washing clothes wonderfully. I had been hoping to get someone to help with those things because the other boys get weekly food stipends and make their own food, but they're much older and that wouldn't work for the two new 12 year olds. Same with washing their own clothes. I think you know we only get tap water once a week at most here, so washing dishes and things is a lot more complicated and work. But the main motivation to take the step and get someone to help was Elisenia and I told her that. But although she did everything else, she did not want to care for her and just left me to do it. So through a series of conversations and me saying I would put other people to work (because I had talked to two women to do the day in two shifts and then Mari just did a surprise visit and I realized she would be perfect for it also and needed money, so I talked to her about it but just for a temporary solution because she can't leave her family forever)..anyway, she now is caring for her well, thankfully. It really did take a lot of discussion though and that made me really uncomfortable but was probably good for me as far as managing people goes. But anyway, the original plan I had in my mind was to rent a house nearby here.. just down the street..3,000 pesos a month and bigger than where we live now but less yard... but rent that to have women come in two shifts throughout the day and then one in the night. Here they would cook for the younger boys and babies, take care of babies, wash clothes, and keep that house clean. The younger boys (12 year olds) would go there at meal times but not really hang out there unless they were helping out with something. Well, until that happens, our house is that place and I am the night time employee. It's definitely good to start out that way because we feel just like family and I am really getting to know and observe and work with the two new boys and of course have a lot of hands on caring for Ebo and Elisenia... but it's not so practical and efficient for me for the long run being responsible over so many things and being so tied down here. So I am doing it joyfully for now but do look forward to a time when a separate place can be rented and I can oversee it like I do other things but not be the one immersed in it and doing it.

Here is an e-mail I wrote to Cindy this morning:

Hi Cindy! So I went to Ceprosh yesterday without Elisenia. They didn't do the PSR test like I suspected (I wrote to you about that, I thought they had sent to do it but just sent us to the other clinic to do Hepatitis, etc.) but just the CD4. But the psychologist said that the CD4 test came out perfect, like someone who does not have HIV! They told me to come Monday with her to draw blood for the PSR. Pretty awesome, huh? 

If you would like to financially support my family and I, the way I prefer you do that is to register as a customer here and apply for this VISA credit card. I am told that the founder of Campus Crusades for Christ raised support for himself through this same method so it has had proven success. If you're in Canada, you register here. If enough people do this, it will generate an income for us. You'll see there are many ways to support as a customer, but for the purpose of focus, I ask that people at least get the VISA card. This is also a great gift option I suggest you try out. Lastly, if you or someone you know is raising support for missions/humanitarian work, you can help yourself and help me by registering as an IBO here and requesting that your supporters become your customers. Please e-mail me with any questions about this. Thank you & God bless.  

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