domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Midnight Ramblings from a Tired Mother & Caregiver

It's 3:19 am as I begin writing this and I am sitting here catching up on e-mails and recording today's expenses as I give Elisenia her bottle. We got her from Zette today and Zette was so thankful. I think it's really important that we did get her because she is quite a bit more congested than she was when we got her from Cindy and her crew last week, which is probably because Zette's house is drafty, wooden, with a tin roof, and oh so small, and it's been raining quite a bit.  Our house/apartment, while still small, is much bigger, lighter, and is made of cinder block complete with the roof. So it protects us more from such drafts and things. 

I have been wanting to write ever since we began this spur of taking in new kids a few weeks ago. It started with Ebo, almost 2, then Enelbi, 12, then Junior who is Elisenia's brother, 12, and now Elisenia, 1 year, 3 months. Also, Jireste's Aunt Mari came to stay yesterday. So Ebo and Elisenia stay in our house with us and Enelbi and Junior stay down the street with Emso and Bob, two of our older boys who have been involved with Project Esperanza since we very first got started in Puerto Plata in 2006. (Elisenia just finished drinking. She drank about 6 oz./ 1500mL.) But they spend the day at our house.

Okay, I wrote this a few days ago but got interrupted by babies. Now it's 8:30am and I'm finding time to write a little more. But I'm really just going to say that I have lots that I want to share but my computer time has been robbed by these babies. And it's frustrating because on top of e-mails to write and answer, work to be done on the website, blog posts to be written, and more, I have a ton, and I mean a ton of work to be done as far as recording finances. I need my time back. Oh Lord, please give me my computer time back. I love your babies and am so glad that they are being cared for. You know that I wouldn't let them suffer if I have the power to do anything about it, but you also know that it's not efficient for me to be the one changing daipers, wiping snot out of noses, making up bottles, when there is still so much administrative work to be done. I don't mind at all. If the administrative stuff was taken care of and I was free of that burden and responsibility then I wouldn't mind that role at all. But if the administrative stuff is neglected to do that, then we'll have problems with filing our 990 (taxes) and fundraising will die down. I feel ready to manage others to do so many things I do...but people would have to be employed to do them, which means we would need more money. I know you know all of this more than I do Lord and I'm sure you are working on the solution. I just feel frustrated here in the mean time.

Will write more soon.

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