miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

A Healthy Brawl

Claudion and Willy engaged in a healthy brawl today. They have been roommates for a few years now and had gotten into verbal discussions where they threaten to fight each other but this is the first time it actually got physical. I don't think it will happen again. They both realized afterwards that they shouldn't have fought and that the problem wasn't even between the two of them.

Willy popped into our kitchen to begin explaining to me someone who owed him money and didn't want to pay in full. Claudion quickly popped in to defend the debtor. Willy said that the only reason Claudion was defending the debtor was because the debtor had given him a little money to draw him onto his political side and keep Willy down. Claudion denied. Willy opposed the denial. It then turned physical right there in the kitchen.

Back in my day before I had kids I used take on real risks to separate fights...and I didn't even think much of it but just had the instinct that I didn't want them to hurt each other. However, at that time, they were much smaller. Today I called for Jireste to separate them and he tried a bit but didn't really throw his body into it and the fight continued until it went outside in front of our house in the street. They threw rocks at each other as well as other items. Neighbors gathered. Many neighbors were surprised because they had seen for the year we have been living here how peacefully these young men live with each other and with us. However, of course, there were a few who made comments about if this happened again they would call the police and have all of these Haitians sent back to Haiti. Oh how I wish they already had their paperwork so that remark wouldn't have been allowed, not that they wouldn't still say it. Claudion and Willy are our two right hand men and if they were to get sent back...we would be at a huge loss. We really do function as a family.

They went to separate ends of the house afterwards and fumed. I eventually called them together and the small group of Haitian friends, along with a Dominican man who lives behind our house, gathered and encouraged them to make up, which they did. Claudion agreed that in the future, he would stay out of such money arguments. It will cost a little over $30 to get their birth certificates here in order to get passports, which cost $60, and then we can factor in $10 for transportation. If you can help with this important step, please let me know! It's time that we got it taken care of.

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